Who is Edgar Gualoto

Edgar is originally from Ecuador, South America.

He achieved international recognition for his presentation of traditional and folkloric music.

His musical life started when he was 12 years old, his father taught him how to play music.  Moreover, in order to obtain experience they performed in small local shows.

In the 90’s, he took his music to several European countries, and in 1995 he came to Canada to perform pan flute music in different provinces where he found a great opportunity and recognition.  Therefore, it inspired him to keep his culture and tradition through his music.

He has been playing traditional folk music in Canada giving a wide cultural and historical representation of all the Andean regions.

The word “RAMIS” in his mother language of Quichwa means “The Fountain of Youth”.

His traditions and costumes keeps his culture alive, and with his music you will hear a message of love, peace and friendship.  The ethnic instruments he uses are; charango (a small guitar), pan flute or pan pipes (tubes which are made out of bamboo and bound in a row creating a breathy sound), and other flutes.

Beside a musician he is also an artisan who
manufactures custom professional pan flutes.

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Pan Flute Music played by Edgar Gualoto